Favorite Web Sites and Expired Coupons for Military

Following are some of my favorite resources for finding great deals, coupons, freebies and frugal living information.
You will also find information on sending your expired coupons to US military overseas. They can use our expired
coupons on overseas bases for up to six months after they have expired!

For a long list of coupon sources, see my article on the
WRAL Smart Shopper blog HERE.

Free Printable Coupons:

Print out Internet coupons for your favorite products!

Print out more Internet coupons for your favorite products.

Print out Internet coupons for your favorite products!



Good place to find coupons for organic products


Stoneyfield Farms Organic Coupons


Cash Back coupon sites:

In the last few years, a wonderful and new type of savings option has become very popular!  I have saved a bunch of money using
cash back e-offer websites.  The offers from these sites are for coupons that do not come off at the register. Instead, you receive the
coupon amount from the cash back website anywhere from a couple hours to a few weeks later. The discount amount is added to an
account with that cash back site and once you reach a minimum amount in the account, you can cash it out for a check, Paypal,
Amazon gift cards and more, depending on the website. Each website has different minimum amounts before they will cash out your

You will NOT see anything about your savings from these sites on the register receipt.  The store will send your purchase info to the
companies so you get the savings, but you will not see anything about it on the actual receipt from the store. The three cash back
sites I recommend are *
SavingStar.com, and * Checkout 51.com, and * ibotta.com They all offer some great savings.  One of the
best parts about these sites is that you can use a paper coupon and/or a store coupon at the register in addition to getting the cash
back offer! To learn all about these sites with a more extensive explanation, see my
article on coupon sources HERE.

Websites for Finding Coupon Codes

Excellent site to find online coupon codes for all your favorite stores!

Good site for finding retail coupon codes.

Frugal Living and Great Deal Resources

WRAL Smart Shopper Blog
This is the blog I write for Raleigh's largest TV station - WRAL. I post frugal living information daily including drug store deals, grocery
deals, Monday meal plan, weekly articles and Friday freebies.  Check it out!

Hot Coupon World.com (National good deals site)
HCW is a top-notch great deals site with current information including coupon codes, printable coupons and fantastic deals.  They
only post legitimate coupons and deals and the site is well moderated.

Another excellent national good deals site with tons of information on current sales and coupon codes.

Find out about great deals and organic coupons at this web site.

The Dollar Stretcher
Great website for frugal living tips, reducing debt, and living within your means! I recommend subscribing to the weekly newsletter full
of helpful tips.

2014 Coupon Insert Schedule
Click on the link above to view the 2010 coupon insert schedule indicating what coupons will be in the Sunday paper each week. It
also shows the terrible weeks which will have no coupon inserts!

Check out Cheapism.com for information on all the best buys on tons of different types of items including computers, home and
garden, electronics, and kitchen appliances. They also have lots of articles and links to other frugal sites.

Save for college just by purchasing the items you already purchase. This program is paid for by the manufacturer's of many of the
best known name brands and a percentage of the purchases you make goes into a college savings account. There is no cost to the

Looking to organize your life a little more? This is the site for you! Includes great printables like a meal planner, pantry organizer,
shopping lists and more.

Food Storage Guide
This food storage guide from North Dakota State University offers storage information for a long list of frozen, refrigerated and pantry

This website offers frugal living and parenting articles, free coloring pages, home decorating advice, book reviews, holiday planning
tips, contests and a variety of newsletters.   There is also an active forum full of interesting parenting topics.

North Carolina Frugal Living and Couponing Resources

WRAL Smart Shopper Blog
This is the blog I write for Raleigh's largest TV station - WRAL. I post frugal living information daily including drug store deals, grocery
deals, Monday meal plan, weekly articles and Friday freebies.  Check it out!

Carolina Kids Consignment
Carolina Kids Consignment brings semiannual consignment events to the Johnston County Area in NC.  This is a wonderful
opportunity to "clean up and cash in” on items around the house that are no longer needed.   To join the mailing list or register to
consign:   Call 919-207-1300 or visit the website at www.carolinakidsconsignment.com.

Acts of Kindness

Send Your Expired Coupons and Care Packages to US Military Overseas

US military who are overseas can use manufacturer's coupons for up to 6 months after they expire. Help our troops and their families
by sending your expired coupons to one of the addresses below.  Postage to APO addresses is the same as sending a letter here in
the States.

This site has information on mailing and dropping off coupons that will be donated to the troops overseas. It also has information on
adopting a U.S. Military family to send your coupons to.  They don't have some of the other sorting and counting requirements some
other coupon donation sites have, so I really like their program.

Overseas Coupon Program
This site includes extensive information about donating your expired coupons to military and their families serving overseas.  They
list specific bases seeking coupons. You can adopt a base and help them stretch their very hard earned money.

Any Soldier.com
This is an incredible site that offers addresses and names of soldiers you can send care packages to.  They offer personal stories
and the soldiers are able to request specific items they need and want.

If you are wondering what to do with all that extra toothpaste and cereal you have stockpiled since you began couponing, consider
donating the products to others who can use them.

Women's Shelter

Homeless Shelter

Food Bank

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